Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just In Case You Were Wondering

For as long as I can remember I've had a heart for adoption.   I told Brian early on in our marriage that he needed to be open to adoption - if the Lord happened to drop some orphans in our lap.  Well, cut to 2007 when Gatlin began increasing the begging to add children to our family so that she could have a younger sibling.  That begging started the process of Brian and I seriously talking about it and we decided to pursue adoption through Vietnam.  My sister's family lived there as missionaries and we thought that would be a wonderful country to adopt from because of that connection.  We filled out all the paper work and completed the home study and waited for our referral.  We were next on the agency's list when the government shut down the adoptions from Vietnam.  We were bummed.

Shortly thereafter somebody forwarded me a "Waiting Child" email and I was strongly drawn to a 9-year-old boy from Russia on the list.   Our family decided he was meant to be with us and we started the process again.  We had to start over because Russia requires more than Vietnam.  After doing all the paper work and another home study we waited for the phone call telling us we could go meet him.  However, when the call came it was to tell us that a Russian family had decided to take him into foster care.  Two doors closed.

At that point we decided that we needed a break from paper work and home studies so we just did our thing and didn't pursue any other adoptions -- until NOW.


  1. Im following and excited to hear more!! Hope all is well! Ted may be visiting Vandy next month! Hope all is well. This is weird but I guess it's Caroline and Chloe her friends google acct.

  2. I am so glad that you finally have your whole family home. I have been keeping up with your progress periodically. I praise God for you, Brian, and your whole family. You are in our prayers.