Monday, February 14, 2011

Ready, Set, Go....

Oh my goodness, I just can't believe that Brian and Gatlin are on a plane RIGHT NOW on their way to bring home Bennet, Kaleb and Kali.   I am jumping-out-of-my-skin happy!!!   A bit giddy!  Woo hoo!!  

As I write this post, they have been on the plane for 7 hours and have 5 1/2 more to go.   Oh my, I'm praying that they're comfy and able to take a couple naps so that it goes by quickly.  That's just a LONG way, people.

I've spent today running errands and continuing to get things ready around here.  So, the title to this post should probably have just been, "Go!" since I'm not technically all the way ready.  Oh well.  I had to exchange some decorative wall sticker things today (I'm sure there is a better name for them than that, but I can't remember what it is) and now I've got what I need to put the final touches on the wall in Gatlin and Bennet's room.  I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some frames and knickknacks and now it's looking super cute.   Can't wait for Bennet to see it.

Gatlin tells me that Kali and Kaleb's room is too masculine so I need to get a few more "girly" things to put in there.  It's hard to decorate a room for a boy and girl to share.  I have a feeling Kali will spend most of her time in her sister's room, but we'll see.  Brian assures me that they're just going to be so happy to have a room that they won't be scrutinizing the decorations.  I'm sure he's right.

Our Embassy appointment in on Thursday and then they'll head home Friday night.  They arrive on Saturday at 2:40 so if you'd like to be there to greet them at the airport, be there around 2:30 or so and plan on us walking out between 2:45 and 3:00.  Don't feel any pressure to be there, but if you want to, it will be fun.  We have friends giving us an "Adoption Shower" on the 28th and you'll all be invited to that and get to meet them then - so come to one or both - or just come over some time.  (:

I want to give a shout out to my precious friend, Holly Virden, who is getting married on Saturday.  Brian and I were the music people for her wedding and we have had to bail on her since Brian is in Ethiopia and the wedding is right when they fly in on Saturday.  Holly is one of my closest friends and it makes me SO sad to miss her wedding.  She has been completely understanding and encouraged me to skip it all together as opposed to sing and run out the back door and race to the airport.  Thank you, Holly, for being such an amazing friend.  I love you and I couldn't be happier for you!!

Ok - this post will just be short and sweet  unlike most of my book length posts.  LOL    Please continue to pray for us this week, specifically for safety while there and for safe travels home.

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come for you."   John 14:18    I've never been more thankful for adoption and all that it means -- to me as a child of God and to my sweet, adopted children.  Thank you, Jesus!!!


  1. YAY!!!! So excited for your family and I cannot wait to read your "finally together post!" Wish we could be at the airport to see you all, but I am still working on getting to Nashville:)
    Praying for safety and for the week to pass quickly.

  2. Praying for your family!!

  3. I just have to comment, I received your link from a friend, and saw the lullabies cd on the side! WOW! I've used that cd since my 13 year old was a baby! She STILL listens to it to go to sleep, as does my 6 year old! I even got a copy for my SIL when my nephew was born! What a way for God to tell me to pray for your family!! I will listen!!!
    Blessings to you all!!!

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful new additions!!