Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And Here We Are (con't)...

We were at the doctor by 9:30 Monday morning.  I took Bennet and Kali together and then Kaleb was scheduled for 1:30.  The girl's appointment took THREE hours.  Oh my word.  They were very good, but by 11:30 they were so ready to leave (as was I).   They had to have shots and Kali cried and cried, even before the needle touched her arm (Gatlin always did the same thing!).   That girl can SCREAM.  Wow!  Bennet almost started crying for Kali - she was much more bothered by Kali having to get shots than she was getting her shots.  When it was her turn, she sat in my lap, burrowed into my chest and never let out a cry or scream.  She was very brave and I was so proud of her.   When we left, we made our first trek to McDonald's.  I got cheeseburger Happy Meals (a little healthy eating) and we headed home to eat and drop them off and get Kaleb.

My sweet friend, Gina Payne, offered to let Bennet and Kali go to her house to play with her son, Mamo, who they know from the orphanage.  They were so excited to do that and I appreciated Gina so much for making that offer.   Remember, this was still the time that my stomach was in complete knots.  At one point during the girl's doctor appointment I started crying.  Just overwhelmed way too easily by all the paperwork and keeping the girls somewhat settled down in that little room for three hours.  I knew it wasn't a good idea to leave Bennet and Kali at home with Gatlin and Cooper because Brian was working on a deadline and couldn't be interrupted.   So, Gina was a life-saver and the kids loved playing at her house.

Kaleb and I got to the doctor at 1:30 and we left there at 4:00.  It was a LONG day, but the kids really were good.  Kaleb was as brave as Bennet and never cried or screamed during the shots.  He did the biggest belly laugh when the doctor had to look at his privates - it was hysterical.   After his appointment we headed over to Gina's house to pick up Bennet and Kali.  The bummer about this was that as soon as Kaleb saw Mamo, he wanted to stay and play, but we couldn't cause we had people bringing dinner to our house and we had to get home.  He was pretty frustrated and unlocked his seatbelt and refused to put it back on.  I pulled the car over, put it back on and told him he would go to time out when we got home if he did that again.  He was very familiar with time out at this point, and chose to obey.  Good boy.  He was learning fast.  Yay!!

Our awesome friends, Deb and Rob Solberg (and Sami and Maggie) came over and brought us the biggest pan of pasta ever.  They got to talk to the kids for just a bit, but the kids were starving and were ready to jump into that pasta pit.  LOL    It's so funny cause for the first few days, when we put anything new in front of them, they would just say, "No!"  We would tell them that they had to take two bites.  They would take one bite and then it was, "MMmmmm".   And they'd eat it all and want more.  These kids can EAT!!   So, they devoured that yummy pasta and asked for it for lunch the next day.

On Tuesday, sweet Stephanie Younger, asked if she could take the kids swimming after her kids got out of school.   That was a huge blessing cause I needed a break, and truthfully, so did Gatlin.  I told you in the last post that they knew they weren't supposed to get out of their beds before 7:00.  Two out of three kids were doing great with this, but the third was really struggling with obeying that rule.  I continued to get woken up very early in the morning with, "Oh, hey mom....I'm so sorry, Mom (shake me, kiss me, grab my face)."  The child knew they were doing wrong, but continued to make that choice.  I had only slept about four hours Monday night (just really having trouble sleeping and eating cause of the stomach issue), so this early wake up testing was pretty frustrating.  Gatlin was still very jet lagged and was having trouble having grace towards this behavior.  I was proud of Gatlin because she did get up and make the whole gang breakfast.  Very sweet.

We played outside and then ate lunch and then had rest time.  When they woke up, it was time to get ready to go to the Younger's house, so I loaded them into the car and we headed out.  The Youngers live down in Spring Hill - wish they were closer cause Bennet loves hanging out with their daughter, Kristyn.   Marshal went way above and beyond when he brought them home and didn't even allow us to meet them half way.  Sometimes your friends bless you beyond measure - this was one of those times!!

We were also blessed on that day by the Trout family who brought us a delicious dinner!!  The kids love rice and were very happy to see it included in the entrees.  They had already had McDonald's with the Younger family, but that didn't stop them.  They dug into their second dinner when they got home.  (:   Everybody went to bed stuffed and happy!

My wonderful friend, Lana, brought over Tylenol PM and made me promise to take it before bed.

The next day we decided to check out the school.  

To be continued.

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